1 PHP 5 Power Programing  Download

1 PAjax and PHP-building Responsive Web applictions  Download

1 Beginning PHP 5 Apache and MySQL Web Development  Download

1 Learning PHP 5  Download

1 Learning PHP and MySQL  Download

1 MySQL-PHP Database Applications  Download

1 Open source Web Development with lamp  Download


1 ASP(In A Nutsheel)- by A.K.W  Download

 1 ASp.NET Bible  Download

 1 Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Database  Download

1 STY asp.net  .Download

1 Professional ASP.NET 2.0 XML  .Download

1 A Practical guide to Microsoft Active Server Paase 3.og  .Download

1 ASP.NET Website Programming  .Download


1 Teach Yourself SQL in 21 days  Download

 1 SQL-A practical Introduction  Download

 1 SQLServer2000ROIreports  Download

1 SQL bible  .Download

1 SQL Server_2000_qsg  .Download

Linux Book

1 Direct Download Linux Dictionary  Download

1 Securing And Optimizing Linux-The Ultimate Solution  Download

 1 Linux Filesystem Hierarchy  Download

1 The Linux Cookbook  .Download

1 Introduction To Linux -A Hands On Guide  .Download

1 The Strategic Value Of Moving To Linux  .Download


1 Writing Robust Java Code  Download

1 Visual C++ 6 Programming Tutorial  Download

 1 Programming In Microsoft Visual C++  Download

1 Geeting Started With Microsoft Visual C++  .Download

1 Good Programming Techniques  .Download

1 Oracle 9i  .Download


1 Generic in the Java Programing language  Download

1 Hard core java  Download

 1 Head Frist java  Download

1 Java programing guide  . Download

1 Java programing lanjuaje  .Download

1 Learning java  .Download

1 Designing Java App  .Download

1 330 Tips javap  .Download

1 Building Web-based applications with java  .Download

1 Thinking in Java  .Download


1 C# - Console Applications  Download

1 Comp Ref VB.Net  Download

1 Comp Ref C.Sharp  Download

1 Data Entry and Validation with C# and VB .NET Windows Forms  .Download

1 Mastering Visual Studio .NET  .Download

1 STY ASP.NET  .Download

1 WROX Professional.C.Sharp  .Download

1 WROX VB.Net   .Download

What is new?

  • Parallel Space

    Monday, October 27

    This is software that can run multiple application in one mobile(android) just like 2 Whatsapp in single mobile.

  • Pokemon go

    Saturday, October 16

    This is most played game for this year.You can download it on just one click.

  • Whatsapp for windows

    Thursday, September 13

    Now you can run whatsapp on your laptop,desktop...Just install and enjoy.


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