This is the data recovery program,it automatically search for deleted files and recovered,this is the free software.It also recover even if boot sector is damaged or FAT has been erased.It recover files with last modified date and time.Download


1 Direct Download OO_FormatRecovery
 It is data recovery software with small size.It recover files even if it is deleted from recycle bin,or deleted using shift+delete keyword,or it has been deleted from command prompt.It also work with older operating system.Download


1 EasyDriveDataRecovery-3.0 RECOVERY SOFTWARE
 Are you lost your important file from your computer?Are you lost your documents when the operating system?Dontwary i have solution for this problem,even you lost your documents few years ago you can recover.Even it is deleted from recycle bin.Not only recovered from your harddisk it also supports memory card,ipod,digital memory card,pen drive,flash drive etc.The important thing is it is open source,if u by mistake format your harddisk or pendrive or memory card it looks blank but using you can recover.It supports any rewriteable media,for prosumer and pro photographers this software support the Nikon Raw and canon raw formats,this software also recover you cant access files directly from your harddisk,pendrive,digital memory card.You dont have to warry about losing documents,videos,music from your ipod.Download

Windows Data Recovery:

1 Windows.Data.Recovery.v3.0.0
 By using this software you can recover video,files,movies.It recover files deleted files from ntfs formatted volumes,and recover files deleted using shift+delete key word,or using dos prompt.And recover files that deleted permanently.Download

RC Recovery:

 It is one of the data recovery software available for free.It undelete the files that was accidently deleted even if it is in recycle bin.It supports FAT12,16,32 and NTFS file deletion.And also support ntfs compressed files,and efs compressed files.Download


1 Direct Download fat-data-recovery-demo
 This is the another popular data recovery tool it recover accidently deleted file from harddisk,usb,floopy and sd memory cards,it support the popular file systems are fat12,16,32,and ntfs,ntfs5.It recover the important file even it is deleted from recycle bin try this one.Download

What is new?

  • Parallel Space

    Monday, October 27

    This is software that can run multipal apllication in ome mpbile(android) just like 2 Whatapp in single mobile.

  • Pokemon go

    Saturday, October 16

    This is most played game for this year.You can download it on just one click.

  • Whatsapp for windows

    Thursday, September 13

    Now you can run whatapp on your laptop,desktop...Just install and enjoy.


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